Visa d’or franceinfo: Award for the Best Digital News Story

sponsored by France Médias Monde (FMM), France Télévisions (FTV), Radio France & the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA)

For the ninth year, Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan will have the Visa d’or franceinfo Award for the Best Digital News Story, organized with support of €8,000 from France Médias Monde, France Télévisions, Radio France and the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA), all public broadcasting media.

The scope of the award covers virtual reality, interactivity and editorial video work released via social media. In the context of non-stop news around the world, the Visa d’or franceinfo: Award for the Best Digital News Story recognizes an idea, content and original work offering an interesting angle and perspective on the news.

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Award winners
  • 2023 “La vie sous le feu de la guerre” on life in the midst of war by Virginie Nguyen Hoang broadcast by La Libre Belgique.
  • 2022 « Africa Cities Rising » by Max Bearak, Dylan Moriarty and Julia Ledur, broadcast by The Washington Post
  • 2021 « The Amazon, Giver of Life. Unleashes the Pandemic », produced by The New York Times, and features photography by Tyler Hicks, written by Julie Turkewitz and Manuela Andreoni.
  • 2020 « Féminicides - Mécanique d’un crime annoncé », produced by Le Monde, and features photography by Camille Gharbi.
  • 2019 « Made in France », by Mathias Destal, Lorenzo Tugnoli, Michel Despratx, Aliaume Leroy, Tom Flanery & Geoffrey Livolsi.
  • 2018 « Koglweogo - Miroir d’une faillite d’État » by Valentine Van Vyve (journalist) & Olivier Papegnies / Collectif Huma (photographer)
  • 2017 « Warm waters, Kamchatka » by Vlad Sokhin
  • 2016 «Fatima's drawings» by Magnus Wennman & Jenny Svenberg Bunnel