Campo Santo


September 4 to 9, 2023

Campo Santo

Monday, September 4 to Saturday, September 9, 9.30pm at Campo Santo. Free entrance

This year there will be no simultaneous screening of the evening program at the Théâtre de l’Archipel, and there will be no alternative venue in the event of bad weather.

The Visa pour l’Image screenings will cover the main events of the past year, from September 2022 to August 2023. Each day of the week, the show begins with a chronological review of the year’s main news stories, two months at a time. This is followed by reports and features on society, conflicts, stories that have made the news and others that have had less coverage, plus reports on the state of the world today. Visa pour l’Image also presents retrospectives of major events and figures.

News stories of the year across the continents: war, crises, politics, unusual and remarkable events, sport, culture, science, the environment, and more.

Featuring in the 2023 Festival program (subject to change): War in Ukraine Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria Elections in Turkiye Iran, Sudan, Myanmar + Uprising in Peru Migration Climate change and effects Land grabbing Overfishing Retirement legislation and protests in France Elections in Brazil

Tributes to Roger Pic, William Klein, Douglas Kirkland, Christian Simonpietri

Rising Among Ruins, Dancing Amid Bullets, Maryam Ashrafi (Hemeria)
Ukraine: A War Crime (FotoEvidence)