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Visa pour l'Image at La Villette in September 2022


A rare opportunity!

See the 34th International Festival of Photojournalism Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan in Paris in 2022.

Visa pour l’Image offers a broad view of the world, and every year the city of Perpignan becomes an international hub. While there are no natural disasters, snipers or razor wire to be seen, there are plenty of photojournalists and exhibitions at different venues open to the general public, with color and black & white reports of experiences and lives around the world spanning many different horizons.

In Paris, La Villette will be showing Visa pour l’Image for the fifth time, featuring the 34th festival, helping build a bridge between Perpignan and Paris so that audiences in Paris can have the Perpignan experience of reporting on the world.

In the Grande Halle at La Villette in northern Paris, a selection of reports will be projected on a giant screen, taking the pictures well beyond the scale of the pages of a newspaper or magazine. The program, scheduled twice, will be presented by Jean-François Leroy and Pauline Cazaubon.

  • 8pm, Friday, September 23, 2022
  • 8pm, Saturday, September 24, 2022 (Same program on both days. Free admission, to maximum seating capacity.)

In parallel, a selection of photos from the 2022 exhibitions in Perpignan will be on display on Esplanade de la Villette from September 15 to 30.