Winner of the 2015 ANI-PixTrakk Award

Evictions in Spain have soared since the financial crisis hit the country in 2008. With unemployment at over 26%, widespread wage cuts, and no real job security, thousands have been unable to make mortgage payments or pay rent, and are facing eviction. Others have fallen victim to real estate speculation, with connections between private companies and the government, and have been expropriated or had their homes demolished.


In Madrid, the most vulnerable members of society have been hardest hit by the government's austerity measures. State property for social housing agencies which should be providing alternative housing for people in need, is being sold off to private investors.

The report is an exploration of the relationship between people and their homes, seeing how they face up to eviction, and showing the struggle of housing right activists trying to stop them from being evicted.

Andres Kudacki

All the pictures in the exhibition were taken in Madrid, Spain, from 2013 to 2015.

Andres Kudacki

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