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Today, when words are too often used to conceal the truth, photography still stands on the side of reality. A photo speaks the truth. For nearly two centuries, photography has been the art that records history forever and keeps us from forgetting it even if we do not always learn the lessons we should. In this modern world of conflict, confrontation and concern for the future of our planet, photography is more important than ever.

That is what has helped drive me for the past thirty years when the camera has been my life. During that time I have helped show the world what is happening, from the wars in the Balkans to the War on Terror, to the Arab Spring and the way that uprising was crushed in Syria. From Afghanistan to Africa and from Iraq to Latin America, I have had the chance, and the duty, to encounter the best and the worst of humanity, and to record it for all time. Sometimes it has been dangerous, sometimes it has been beautiful. It has always been interesting. The pictures here are only a handful of the tens of thousands that I have taken. My goal has always been to get close enough to the action to do justice to the subjects and to bear witness for those who see the world through my lens.

Goran Tomasevic