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ANI-PixTrakk Award

sponsored by PixTrakk

For twenty-two years, the ANI (Association Nationale des Iconographes) has been organizing presentations of portfolios during the professional week at the festival Visa pour l’Image - Perpignan, and has now helped more than 300 photographers from a wide range of backgrounds, providing guidance and advice.

At the end of the Festival, the ANI forms a jury to select three award winners from a short list of “favorite choices,” and then the first prize for the ANI-PixTrakk award.

In 2022, the thirteenth ANI award will be presented, with prize money of €5,000 sponsored by PixTrakk.

The winner is Hervé Lequeux for his work “Viva Khawa”.

Award winners
  • 2022 Hervé Lequeux
  • 2021 Nicolò Filippo Rosso
  • 2020 Odhràn Dunne
  • 2019 Nicolas Krief
  • 2018 Virginie Nguyen Hoang
  • 2017 Jérémie Jung
  • 2016 Ingetje Tadros
  • 2015 Andres Kudacki
  • 2014 Frederik Buyckx
  • 2013 Paolo Marchetti
  • 2012 Misha Friedman
  • 2011 Lurdes Basoli
  • 2010 Katie Orlinsky