Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award

sponsored by LaScam

The award, which is being sponsored for the ninth time by LaScam (the collecting society for multimedia authors), is designed to help a photographer carry out an original reporting project.

The award, with prize money of €8,000, will be presented to the 2023 winner, Paolo Manzo. It will provide him with support to continue his photographic coverage of “Naples, the Invisible City,” as he works to give visible form to the dark, dramatic side of financial inequality, social injustice and urban segregation so widespre¬ad in Naples.

For further information on the award: [email protected]

Award winners
  • 2023 Paolo Manzo
  • 2022 Laura Morton
  • 2021 Mary F. Calvert
  • 2020 Jérôme Gence
  • 2019 Axelle de Russé
  • 2018 Jérôme Sessini
  • 2018 Jean Chung
  • 2017 Romain Laurendeau
  • 2016 Ferhat Bouda
  • 2015 Alfonso Moral
  • 2014 Kosuke Okahara
  • 2013 Arnau Bach
  • 2012 Maciek Nabrdalik
  • 2010 Lizzie Sadin
  • 2009 Margaret Crow