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To the photographers attending portfolio reviews

by Vincent Jolly


Portfolio reviews are starting on Monday of the professional week, at the Palais des Congrès. More than 30 picture editors from around the world will be reviewing hundreds of stories. If you have signed for an appointment with one or many of them, better be well prepared. We asked two of them to tell us what are the worst thing you could do on a portfolio review. They gave us advice. Some of them were basics. Some of them were... unexpected.

Let's begin with basic hygiene. Being fresh and clean goes without saying: we're talking about gear hygiene. For Olivier Laurent, having to put on earplugs wore by 15 people before him is a no-go. So better bring a simple helmet. Still according him, photographers should focus on presenting two stories maximum. Avoid throwing 5-6 snaps of 10 different projects hoping that one of them will pass: portfolio review is no flea market.

Two stories maximum - but always have a third one in your back pocket, just in case, says James Estrin (New York Times Lens Blog). And don't forget to do your research and adapt your layout according to who you are meeting with.

Oh. And by the way - and we're telling you because it actually happened yesterday to Olivier Laurent. When you come to a portfolio photo review. Don't forget to bring, you know... photos.