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Screenings: A Foreshadowing

by Vincent Jolly


This year, like every year, the evening shows of this year's edition will start on monday and last until saturday. More than a hundred stories will be featured on a 24 meters long screen in front of the gorgeous Cathedrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Perpignan.

And this year, like every year, the same question will crop up: "Why can't you view the screening again after the festival?" Obviously there are copyright issues - for the pictures, and also the music (closely monitored by France's collecting society SACEM) - and there are major technical requirements. Five projectors mounted upright in a row produce the quality high‑definition image on the gigantic screen (24 x 8 m or 80 x 26 ft.).  That means there is not one but five video files. The editing work involved in producing a single web or video file would simply take too long. So there are no two ways about it: you just have to make it to Campo Santo. Just a reminder: this year, for obvious security reasons, there will be no retransmission on Place de la République.

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Irak, the Firefighter of the Well 77: Edouard Elias for Time and VSD