Campo Santo Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Visa d’or Daily Press Award

ANI – PixTrakk Award

SAIF-Benoît Schaeffer publishing grant for a photography book

ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or Award (International Committee of the Red Cross)



Peru Uprising - Nicola Zolin / De Volkskrant

Social unrest and protests in Peru in late 2022.

American Ritual - David Butow / Redux Pictures

In the United States, there were approximately 400 mass shootings in the first half of the year.

Rural Life in the American West - Louise JOHNS

A view of life in the Far West today, with bison now back roaming on the plains.

French National Library Commission, Part 1 - Sylvie Bonnot, Michael Bunel, Valérie Couteron, Thomas Dworzak, Julien Goldstein, Stéphanie Lacombe, Marie Magnin, Bertrand Stofleth

A selection of photographs from reports made under France’s “Grand Commission” to photojournalists, funded by the Ministry of Culture and conducted through the French National Library (BNF)

Horn of Africa: Women in the Khat Business - Marion Péhée

Different players involved in the business of khat in Djibouti.

Mauritania - Marco LONGARI / AFP

A view of Mauritania today: education, fishing, urban development and treasures in libraries in Chinguetti.

Land and Ocean Grabbing in Africa - Luca CATALANO GONZAGA / Witness Image

The looting of natural resources in Africa, and the impact on local communities.

Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria - Andre Alves / Hans Lucas, Michele Amoruso, Ahmed Deeb, Antonio Denti, Salwan Georges / The Washington Post, Jean-Daniel Guillou, Jacob Ehrbahn / Politiken, Tolga Ildun, William Keo / Magnum Photos, Pascal MAITRE / MYOP pour Le Figaro Magazine, Alessio Paduano

February 6, 2023. Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

Climate Change in Africa - Adrienne Surprenant / MYOP for The Washington Post

Climate change could force as many as 86 million Africans into exile.

Barentsburg - Axelle de Russé for Le Figaro Magazine

Russian and Ukrainian miners have been extracting coal in Svalbard since the 1930s.

Climate Revealed - Fabio CIAN

Research and innovation in climate science.

Hommage Roger PIC - Adoc-photos

With the participation of Dominique Pinard-Meunier, Adoc-photos and LaScam

+2° Consequences - Jakob DALL

A long-term investigation of climate change in 18 countries. Published by BookLab.