Addressing Artificial Intelligence – Panel Discussion


PALAIS DES CONGRÈS, Charles Trenet Auditorium.

Friday, September 8, 3pm. Free Entrance

Photojournalism has always been a powerful vector for telling stories and recording the world in action. But today, generative artificial intelligence means a radical change for photography, and the potential that AI has to produce realistic pictures is both fascinating and disturbing. How can photojournalism maintain a reputation for integrity when photos can be altered and manipulated so easily? How will this affect the attitude of the general public for trusting photographs as true images? What responsibility do the media have for the use of this new technology? What are the ethical challenges that arise when images blur and confuse the distinction between fact and fiction?

Panel discussion moderated by Gilles Courtinat, journalist, L’Oeil de l’info.

. Laura Morton, photojournalist (2018 Canon Female Photojournalist Grant, 2022 Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award)
. Niels Ackermann, photojournalist (2016 Swiss Press Photo, 2016 Visa d’or de la Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik)
. Benoît Tabaka, Secretary General, Google France
. Alexandre Lavallée, cofounder of the start-up Glossia, and Chief Prompt Engineer with Passeport IA for generative AI training in French
. Grégoire Lemarchand, Head of Digital Investigations, Deputy Global Editor-in-Chief, France, AFP
. Thierry Meneau, picture editor Les Échos