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French Ministry of Culture production grant for female photojournalists

In May 2019, a scandal erupted in India when NGOs released alarming evidence showing that every year thousands of women working on sugar plantations in the state of Maharashtra are victims of unnecessary hysterectomies. The practice began in the 1990s and developed as a profit-making venture for private doctors who, when consulted for routine conditions, led patients to believe that they needed to have their uterus removed. The doctors played on the women’s ignorance of their own bodies, carried out the surgery as if on a production line, and did so with total impunity. As they operated in private clinics, they were free to set their fees, which could reach amounts of more than 600 euros, an absolute fortune for the women. Previously, until the 1970s, abortion had been the most lucrative practice for such doctors, but with easier access to contraception and sterilization, they had to find other sources of income.