The exhibition, Wisdom of the Human Race, is a path of hope, guided by inspiring thoughts presented with peaceful photographs of the world.

Olivier Föllmi’s photographs, taken in every corner of the planet, sing the praises of humans in their everyday courage as they make a contribution to the human race. The thoughts featured are the works of sages from different cultural backgrounds, different denominations and different eras. They are the keys to wisdom over the centuries, have guided generations, and come equally from the spiritual traditions of Asia, Africa and America, from East and West.


Each thought, offering universal guidance to fundamental values shared by humans, is set against a photograph of a different culture, highlighting both the unity and diversity of the human race.

The exhibition, Wisdom of the Human Race, starts with texts for contemplation, to achieve awareness of others, to form better relationships with others, and gain a better understanding of the interdependence between humans and nature.

Wisdom of the Human Race by Danielle & Olivier Föllmi, together with teams around the world, has been supported by UNESCO, and developed as an annual publication over the past seven years, each being a collection of 365 thoughts and photographs, available in nine different languages and with a total print run of more than 1.4 million: Offerings, Wisdom, Origins, Revelations, Awakenings, Breath and Hope.

Danielle et Olivier Föllmi

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