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At Visa pour l’Image, Vincent Munier is extending an invitation to visitors, encouraging them to spread their wings and embark on a poetic journey through nature, free of any geographical boundaries as we set our sights on wild horizons. The journey is also a pursuit of light: the subtle light of dawn or dusk, the blinding light of snow, the opaque light of mist and of moonlight as it filters through the depths of night. The journey is, by definition, one of discovery, through a range of wildlife, from the tiniest ant to a large deer, from a modest sparrow to a snow leopard, from an invisible arctic hare to a polar bear.

An encounter with a bird is invariably fleeting, just a flap of feathers and it takes flight. Large species are more in line with the time scale of photography, leaving a margin for settings and to frame the picture as the animal adopts the right pose, for example Japanese crane when courting in the snow, or a colony of emperor penguins huddled together in a blizzard, or the snowy owl searching for prey over a vast expanse of white terrain.


Vincent Munier

© Laurent Joffrion
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