Everybody feels unsafe and there is greater insecurity now than at the very beginning of the conflict. In America, some of those who voted for President Obama are now calling for the investigations into 9/11 to be reopened. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man behind the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union during Jimmy Carter’s presidency, is now foreign policy advisor to President Obama who, when campaigning, promised to reopen the case but has adopted a different attitude since being in the White House. With Osama Bin Laden away from the central scene, new and sometimes unknown actors are taking on key positions in this legendary global Jihad.

General Hamid Gul, a former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, recently stated on CNN that the 9/11 attacks were clearly an inside job, plotted and designed in US with, at the very least, support from intelligence services and the air force. Many recently released videos showing the impact of Sharia law under the Taliban are no doubt fake, but that is only realized by people who are well acquainted with Pashtun culture. Nothing is clear in this war, except that the truth is far removed from any of the official statements.

The people of Pakistan are being targeted by an invisible enemy; they do not know why they are being killed, or who is behind it, but they can be sure of one thing, and that is that the escalating violence is part of a concerted effort to destabilize an entire nation, and, what’s more, a nation which is a nuclear power – and that would certainly be the greatest achievement of the War Lords.

Massimo Berruti

Massimo Berruti

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