Call it the Jasmine Revolution, the Arab Spring or the Facebook Revolution, there is a powerful sirocco blowing across North Africa and the Middle East.

Much of the reportage on this world-changing wind has focused on common threads across the region: the young age of the revolutionaries, their clever use of social networks and their adoption (for the most part) of nonviolent protest as a political tool.

As I crisscrossed the region this spring, capturing images from Libya to Egypt and Bahrain, I was also conscious of differences between rebels in Benghazi and protesters in Bahrain; they may both be fighting against tyranny, but their approach and aspirations are not the same.


I came to the conclusion that each revolution must be assessed in its own context, each having a distinct impact. The drama of each revolution unfolded separately, each with its own heroes, its own crises, and each, therefore, requiring its own narrative. In the end, the differences may turn out to be greater than the similarities.

Yuri Kozyrev

I would love to dedicate this show to the memory of Tim and Chris. Special thanks to: Kira Pollack & Patrick Witty / Time, Sonia Jeunet/ NOOR and Claudio Palmisano / 10B and all Noorers.

Exhibition coproduced by the CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona, and the Photographic Social Vision Foundation

Yuri Kozyrev

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