The devastation caused by war in the ex-Yugoslavia through the eye of five photographers :

Alexandra BOULAT / Sipa Press
For almost three years now she has been discovering all the horror of war. Fascinated, then revolted she shares her impressions with us.

Enrico DAGNINO / Cosmos
War is always unfair on the civil population who must try to survive but most of all on children who are deprived of their years of innocence.

Corinne DUFKA / Reuters
To be where things happen and show drama on a daily basis, to sum up a situation in one picture is a very difficult task. These pictures put side by side tell us a full story.

Sophie ELBAZ / Sygma
The refugee camps in Croatia are occupied at 90% by muslims. A disgrace for the civilised world and all those who claim they are part of it.

Laurent VAN DER STOCKT / Gamma
The siege of Mostar, one of the bloodiest conflicts in the ex -Yugoslavia. The people live in an unbearable state of insecurity.


Alexandra Boulat

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