February 14, 1949, New York - May 19, 2017, Paris

There are the fashion shots from the very beginning of his career, and his coverage of the rock and punk scene in California, before he changed paths and turned to photojournalism. Stanley Greene’s photographic opus is vast indeed.

Stanley crossed the world, in every direction, through war zones and devastation: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and more, but there is little point in attempting to draw up the full list. Stanley felt intense commitment to Chechnya, the reference being his outstanding book Open Wound: Chechnya 1994 to 2003, covering the many years he tirelessly devoted to the country and the people, speaking out against the damage done and the suffering inflicted on the civilian population.

War – one war and all wars – can be seen as recorded by Stanley Greene, determined to show the horror of the reality of war, transcending the specifics of any country, environment, or causes of conflict.

Yes, we have decided to display a selection of Stanley Greene’s photos – a purely subjective selection – as an opportunity to see and understand his work, to give visitors an idea of the man he was: a man of conviction, a man of doubt, a man of commitment, and a man with an incredible heart.

*Jean-François Leroy June 12, 2017 *

Exhibition produced by the Arche du Photojournalisme, Paris La Défense


Stanley Greene

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