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He still dreams each night of people being slaughtered, still screams in his sleep. The scars slope across the right side of his face and neck. Abrahaley Minasbo, a 22-year-old dancer who once used his body for self-expression, now lives with a partially amputated hand. Members of an Amhara militia dragged him from his home in the town of Mai-Kadra on November 9, 2020, and beat him in the street with a hammer, an axe, sticks and a machete – then left him for dead.

Now, in this fragile refugee community on the edge of Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict, those who fled the deadly fighting have brought accounts of horror. Some walked for days to reach the border, and once they did, were packed into buses or trucks for an arduous, 11-hour journey to a camp. As one vehicle left, a baby cried hysterically, and his brother held the infant toward the window for fresh air, saying the child was hungry and dehydrated, and the bus too crowded.