ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or Award – International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’or award is granted in recognition of the work of a professional photojournalist who has covered a humanitarian issue related to forced migration in situations of armed conflict.

The winner of this year’s award, with prize money of €8,000 funded by the ICRC, will be announce during one of the screening shows.

Dowload the rules and participate before June 12, 2023: https://blogs.icrc.org/hdtse/wp-content/uploads/sites/113/2023/03/VISA_FORM_FINAL_EN_2023.pdf

For further information and a copy of the rules:[email protected]

Award winners
  • 2022 Sameer Al-Doumy
  • 2021 Antoine Agoudjian
  • 2020 Alfredo Bosco
  • 2019 Abdulmonam Eassa
  • 2018 Véronique de Viguerie
  • 2017 Angela Ponce Romero
  • 2016 Juan Arredondo
  • 2015 Diana Zeneb Alhindawi
  • 2014 William Daniels
  • 2013 Sebastiano Tomada
  • 2012 Mani
  • 2011 Catalina Martin-Chico