Campo Santo


September 3 to 8


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The Visa pour l’Image evening shows will cover the main events of the past year, from September 2017 to August 2018.

Every evening, from Monday to Saturday, the program will begin with a chronological review of these news stories, two months at a time. This is followed by reports and features on society, wars, stories that have made the news and others that have been kept quiet, plus coverage of the state of the world today. Visa pour l’Image also presents retrospectives of major events and figures in history. The Visa pour l’Image award ceremonies are held during the evening programs.

Featuring in the 2018 Festival program (subject to change):

News stories of the year across the continents: war, crises, politics, unusual and remarkable events, sport, culture, science, the environment etc.

Syria, Iraq, Yemen Refugees and migration Retrospective: Paolo Pellegrin. Visa pour l’Image: 30th anniversary, looking back Global warming, commercial fishing/overfishing, decline of coral reefs USA: firearms Violence in Mexico

Plus… Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, South Sudan, Bolivia, Mexico, the UK, the Philippines, North Korea, Jordan, Venezuela, Ukraine, China, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Abkhazia, France Tributes to Laurent Troude, Bobbi Baker Burrows, Daniele Tamagni, Abbas, Shah Marai and all the photographers who have passed away over the past year.

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