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Samuel Bollendorff Screenings

Entrée libre


De 14h à 16h30, le cinéma Castillet accueille du mercredi au samedi des projections de films dans le cadre du festival.

Samuel Bollendorff day Screening of three films by Samuel Bollendorff Q & A session with the film director

14h À l’abri de rien de Samuel Bollendorff et Mehdi Ahoudig / Textuel La Mine / France / 2011 / 40 minutes French only.

Four million people in France live in sub-standard housing, affecting their health, employment, social life and family life, and limiting any hopes they may have for the future.

14h45 La parade de Samuel Bollendorff et Mehdi Ahoudig / Les films du Bilboquet / France / 2017 / 52 minutes French (English subtitles).

Cloclo No. 18, a majorette, Jonathan, a tuning buff, Freddy who raises roosters for cockfighting, and Gros Bleu, the homing pigeon all love their working class traditions in the north of France.

15h45 La nuit tombe sur l’Europe de Samuel Bollendorff / Les films du Bilboquet / France / 2017 / 15 minutes French (English subtitles).

Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe, across the Aegean Sea.