International Festival of Photojournalism

From August 27 to September 11, 2016

Education week from September 12 to 16

Screenings from August 29 to September 3

Professional week from August 29 to September 4

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Arthus-Bertrand Visa d’or awards

The 2016 Arthus-Bertrand Visa d’or awards go to the best reports published between September 2015 and August 2016.

Visa d'or News and Visa d'or Feature

For the Visa d’or awards for news reporting and feature reporting, picture editors and assistant picture editors make a selection from all reports seen over the past year (both published and unpublished), choosing nominees per category. A second jury meets in Perpignan to choose the final winners.

Trophies designed and made by the Arthus-Bertrand workshops.

The Visa d’or Feature award will be presented on Friday, September 2, 2016.

For the ninth time, the Région Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée will fund the prize of €8000 for the Visa d’or Feature award winner.

The 2016 nominated photographers for Visa d'or Features category are:

Peter Bauza / Echo Photojournalism: Copacabana Palace, Brazil

Valerio Bispuri: Paco - A Drug Story

Lorenzo Meloni / Magnum Photos: Yemen

Frédéric Noy / Cosmos: Ekifire, half-dead

Visa d'or Feature award - previous winners
2015Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times / Getty Images Reportage: The Ebola Epidemic
2014Guillaume Herbaut / Institute: Ukraine, from Independence Square to the Donbas
2013Noriko Hayashi / Panos Pictures - Réa: Unholy Matrimony in Kyrgyzstan
2012Stephanie Sinclair / VII for National Geographic: Child Brides.
2011Olivier Jobard/Sipa Press for Paris Match: From Zarzis to Lampedusa, an odyssey of hope.
2010Stephanie Sinclair / VII for National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine: Polygamy in America.
2009Zalmaï: Afghanistan. Promises and Lies. The human cost of the war on terror
2008Brent Stirton / Reportage by Getty Images for Newsweek and National Geographic Magazine: Virunga National Park, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, July 2007.
2007Lizzie Sadin: Juvenile Suffering.
2006Todd Heisler / Rocky Mountain News / Polaris / Deadline: Final Salute
2005James Hill / New York Times: Beslan.
2004Stéphanie Sinclair / Corbis: Auto immolation of women in Afghanistan
2003Philip Blenkinsop / Vu: Laos, the secret war continues
2002Felicia Webb / I.P.G.: Nil by mouth
2001Ad van Denderen / Vu: Schengen, Asylum seekers in Europe
2000Raphaël Gaillarde / Gamma
1999Chien-Chi Chang / Magnum: China Town NY
1998Zed Nelson: Gun Nation
1997Jillian Edelstein: Apartheid
1996Jean-Paul Goude / 2eBureau: Olympic games
1995Francesco Zizola / Contrasto
1994Tom Stoddart / IPG
1993Dario Mitidieri / Select: Enfants de Bombay (NB)
1992David Turnley / Black Star: Soviet Saga
1991Philippe Bourseiller: Pinatubo's volcano
1990Diane Summers & Eric Valli: Honey's hunters and Sebastiao Salgado / Magnum: Cambodia's children

The Visa d’or News award will be presented on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

For the ninth time, Paris Match donated the prize of €8000 to the Visa d’or News award winner .

The 2016 nominated photographers for Visa d'or News category are:

Jérôme Delay / The Associated Press: Paris Attacks, November 2015

Aris Messinis / AFP: War in Peace

Sergey Ponomarev for the New York Times: Refugees in Europe (2015-2016)

Visa d'or News award - previous winners
2015Bülent Kiliç / AFP: Syrian Refugees at the Turkish border
2014Tyler Hicks / The New York Times: Westgate Mall Massacre, Nairobi, Kenya
2013Laurent van der Stockt / Reportage by Getty Images for Le Monde: Syria
2012Eric Bouvet for Le Figaro Magazine: Bab al-Azizia, the end.
2011Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for Time: The Arab Spring - On Revolution Road.
2010Damon Winter / The New York Times : Haïti.
2009Wojciech Grzedzinski / NapoImages for Dziennik: The Georgian Conflict
20082008 Philip Blenkinsop / NOOR: China Earthquake.
2007Kadir van Lohuizen / Noor pour Le Monde: Chad
2006Shaul Schwartz / Getty Images: Gaza
2005Philip Blenkinsop / Vu: Tsunami
2004Olivier Jobard / Sipa Press: Sudan, the forgotten war.
2003Georges Gobet / AFP: Ivory Coast
2002Tyler Hicks / Getty / Sipa Press: Afghanistan
2001Chris Anderson / Aurora / Cosmos: Afghan refugees in Pakistan
2000Eric Bouvet / Gamma: Chechnya
1999Joachim Ladefoged / Network / Rapho: Kosovo
1998Alexandra Boulat / Sipa: Kosovo
1997Yunghi Kim: Rwanda
1996Patrick Robert: Liberia
1995Carol Guzy / Washington Post / Reuters
1994Nadia Benchallal: Algeria
1993Luc Delahaye / Sipa: Yugoslavia
1992Chris Morris / Black Star: Yugoslavia
1991Patrick Robert / Sygma: Kurdistan
1990Pascal / Vu: Executions in China

Visa d'or - Daily Press award

Presentation of the Visa d’or Daily Press award during the evening show on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

For the fifth time, the Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole will fund the prize of €8000 for the Visa d’or Daily Press award winner.

Since 1990, the Visa d’or Daily Press award has been given for the best report published in the daily press, in any country in the world, in the course of the previous year.

The prize is open to all daily newspapers around the world.

Reports selected by the jury are exhibited at the Festival (39 entries in 2015).

How to submit an entry for the Visa d'or Daily Press award

BEFORE JUNE 10, 2016‚ Äì Signed application form to be sent by email to:
BEFORE JUNE 24, 2016‚ Äì Prints, photocopies, captions and signed application form to be sent to:

Sylvie Grumbach
18 rue Portefoin
75003 Paris – France



  • EXACTLY FIVE (5) black-and-white OR color prints
    • by one or more photographers (1-5)
    • on one or more stories (1-5)
  • Format: exactly 30cm x 40cm (11.8‚Äù x 15.7‚Äù) or 30xm x 45cm (11.8‚Äù x 17.7‚Äù) full-size prints; only unframed prints are accepted to ensure uniform standards for hanging
  • Prints (photocopies) must be numbered 1 to 5 (in order of display)


  • Each print must be sent with a numbered photocopy.


  • Captions, numbered according to print numbers, must be in French and/or English (no other languages) and in Word format. Maximum: 2 lines per caption.
    Captions to be sent:
    • by post with the prints
    • by email to:


  • Deadline for signed entry forms to be sent by email: JUNE 10, 2016
  • The signed entry form must be enclosed with the prints (to be sent by JUNE 24, 2016).
    Printing and shipping costs to be covered by the newspapers. Exhibition costs will be covered by the Festival.
    Photographs exhibited at the Festival will not be returned.
    Thank you for your co-operation. While these conditions may seem strict, they are essential for the proper organization of the exhibition.
Visa d'or Daily Press - Award Winners:
2015 The New York Times (USA) Daniel Berehulak
2014 Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) Meeri Koutaniemi
2013 Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) Niklas Meltio
2012 The New York Times (USA) Tomas Munita
2011 International Herald Tribune (USA) Shiho Fukada
2010La Croix (France) Frédéric Sauterau
2009Los Angeles Times (USA) Barbara Davidson.
2008The Dallas Morning News (USA) Mona Reeder.
2007Reforma (Mexico) Israel Rosas, Luis Castillo, Jorge Luis Plata, Julio Candelaria: riots in Oaxaca.
2006El Periodico de Catalunya (Spain) Sergio Caro.
2005Politiken (Denmark) Jan Grarup for his coverage of the Darfour events.
2004El Comercio (Peru) Daniel Silva: Footballers, Andes, Peru
2003The Dallas Morning News (USA) Cheryl Diaz Meyer: Operation Iraqi freedom
2002La Dépêche du Midi (France) Thierry Bordas
2001Berlingske Tidende (Denmark) Erik Refner
2000The Washington Post (USA) Dudley M. Brooks
1999Berlingske Tidende (Denmark) Klaus Bjorn Larsen: Kosovo
1998La Vanguardia (Spain) Kim Manresa: Excision in Africa
1997Clarin (Argentina) Cabezas
1996The Herald (Scotland) Ecosse - Dunblane
1995L'Humanité (France)
1994Detroit Free Press (USA)
1993Diario 16 (Spain)
1992Midi Libre (France)
1991Le Courrier de l'Ouest (France)
1990Le Progrès de Lyon (France)