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27 / 01 / 2015

End of an era...

In June 1989, together with Michel Decron, we embarked on the wild idea of starting up Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan. We had to find a company capable of producing our evening screening shows; there were only three prospects, and two of them were hopeless, never even believing in the plan.

End of an era...

But there was the meeting with Abax, with its founding father, the charismatic Jean Lelièvre. We were immediately on the same wavelength; things happened, and they really did.

Abax became the hub of the evening shows that are such a distinctive feature - the signature - of Visa. At the Palace of the Kings of Majorca in Perpignan, slides were screened using between 25 and 28 projectors. Jean was the magician, all the time, every time.

It was the beginning of a friendship, an all-embracing friendship that continues to this day.

Michel Decron left. Jean stayed on, with me, and he stood his ground refusing the first opportunities for digital screenings. "Not good enough," he would say. Audiences were not to be disappointed. Patience was needed, until we could find a system that was better quality than conventional photography.

Jean retired, and we have remained friends, as always and for always.

Now the company Abax has been liquidated, marking the end of an era. But we still have the Visa pour l'Image evening shows that remain, and they will go on, continuing as the distinctive signature of Perpignan.

All of this is thanks to Jean. I owe all this to him. Thank you, Jean.

While Abax is no more, you, Jean, are certainly still here! I am aware of just how much we owe you. You are, and always will be, the Visa pour l'Image magician.


Sincere thanks. Our respect and homage. Bravo! You are a true artist!