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18 / 01 / 2011

Lucas Mebrouk Dolega

Lucas Mebrouk Dolega


"On Friday January 14, 2011, at the end of the popular demonstration on Avenue Bourguiba in Tunis we found ourselves together with a group of demonstrators, at the corner of rue Ghandi and rue de Marseille. The situation in the city was extremely tense, with multiple clashes between the population and police in the streets around Avenue Bourguiba and the Ministry of Interior.

At 4:23PM, Tunisian police force shot a teargas cannister in our direction. The projectile, an aluminium cylinder around 20cm long and 5cm diameter, shot horizontally at head level from a distance of less than 20 meters, hit our colleague Lucas Mebrouk Dolega to the head. We gave him first help on the spot, and within a few moments evacuated him in a colleague's car first to 'Le Secours' clinic where Lucas' condition was stabilized before being transported in a neighbor's car to Tunis Rabta Neurologic Hospital. Lucas was immediately operated upon by Professor Djmal. The operation was successful and Lucas was maintained in an artificial coma.

The diagnostic was: extradural left frontal hematoma, meningeal hemorrhage, fractured left sinuses, fractured left orbit, lesion to the left eye.

His condition after the operation was considered stable but critical. Hope was that Lucas would survive notwithstanding the loss of his left eye.

His condition worsened overnight, his coma deepened. His family arrived in Tunis on January 16. 

Loucas Von Zabiensky-Mebrouk, a.k.a. Lucas Dolega, died this morning, January 17 at Rabta hospital in Tunis, surrounded by his family, spouse, and friends.


Matthias Bruggmann - Olivier Laban-Mattei - Remy Ochlik - Bruno Stevens - Pierre Terdjman"