International festival of photojournalism

From August 30 to September 14, 2014

Education week from September 15 to 19

Screenings from September 1 to 6

Professional week from September 1 to 7

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ELLE Magazine Round Table Discussion

Friday, September 5, 5pm-7pm, Charles Trenet auditorium, Palais des Congrès. Free entrance.

Girls in Danger

School girls are being abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram, others are unable to attend school in tribal areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, young girls are forced to marry in India and Yemen. Quite clearly schooling for girls is threatened in parts of the world. Girls have become targets for intolerant, fundamentalist, terrorist groups.

How can these girls be helped? Why have groups such as Boko Haram targeted schooling? What are the issues for politics, democracy and society?

These questions will be discussed by the panelists at the round table discussion moderated by Valérie Toranian, editor of ELLE magazine, and Caroline Laurent-Simon, feature reporter with the magazine, together with guest speakers (witnesses, specialists and activists). List of participants to be confirmed.

Entrance free.

Entrance free. Simultaneous translation guaranteed.

The Palais des Congrès is the festival headquarters and the meeting point for collecting badges, press kits and information. Free-lance photographers show their portfolios there. These facilities are provided by the Association Nationale des Iconographes (ANI).