International Festival of Photojournalism

From September 2 to 17, 2017

Education week from September 18 to 22

Screenings from September 4 to 9

Professional week from September 4 to 9

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Perpignan facts

Following a visit in 1963, the Catalan (Spain) surrealist artist Salvador Dalí declared the city's railway station the centre of the Universe, saying that he always got his best ideas sitting in the waiting room.

How to get there

There are many routes to the south. Here we list some ways to travel to Perpignan. Or you could just follow the sun.

Where to eat

Perpignan has a whole host of fantastic restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. Look here for some suggestions from our side.

Where to stay

Book early as the hotels do get very booked. Don't forget you can always hire a villa or apartment in or near the town. Beaches are only thirty minutes away by car and buses and trains run frequently.