International Festival of Photojournalism

From August 29 to September 13, 2015

Education week from September 14 to 18

Screenings from August 31 to September 5

Professional week from August 31 to September 6

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Web Documentary Visa d’or Award sponsored by France 24-RFI

Visa pour l’Image, RFI & France 24 are launching the seventh competition for the Web Documentary Visa d’or award.

The Award is being organized by the Festival with support from the traditional partners, RFI and France 24.

The Visa d’or for the best Web documentary will be awarded for the best story produced with original, innovative use of multimedia tools.

The award will be presented during the evening show on Wednesday, September 2.


Previous winners :

"Le Grand Incendie" by Olivia Colo & Samuel Bollendorff (2014), "Alma, une enfant de la Violence" by Isabelle Fougère & Miquel Dewever-Plana (2013), "Défense d’Afficher" by Sidonie Garnier, François Le Gall & Jeanne Thibord (2012), "La Zone" by Bruno Masi & Guillaume Herbaut (2011), "Prison Valley" by Philippe Brault with David Dufresnes (2010), "Le corps incarcéré" - Collective work / Le Monde interactif (2009)