International Festival of Photojournalism

From September 2 to 17, 2017

Education week from September 18 to 22

Screenings from September 4 to 9

Professional week from September 4 to 10

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Visa d’or Award for the best Digital news story

France Médias Monde (FMM), France Télévisions (FTV) and Radio France are happy to created and sponsored for the second time the Visa d’or for the best digital news story. The award is organized by the Festival Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan, with support from public broadcasting media.

Here is scope for virtual reality, interactivity and editorial video work released via social media. In the context of non-stop news around the world, the Visa d’or digital news award will be given in recognition of an idea, content and original work offering an interesting angle and perspective on the news.

The winners of the 2017 will receive his award during the screening show on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. The prize money of €8000 is funded by FMM, Radio France and France Télévisions.