International Festival of Photojournalism

From August 29 to September 13, 2015

Education week from September 14 to 18

Screenings from August 31 to September 5

Professional week from August 31 to September 6

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Evening shows

Monday, August 31 to Saturday, September 5, 9.45pm at Campo Santo.

September 3 to 5: simultaneous screening on the Place de la République

In the event of bad weather, there will be no alternative venue.

The Visa pour l'Image evening shows will cover the main events of the past year, from September 2014 to August 2015. Every evening, from Monday to Saturday, the program will begin with a chronological review of these news stories, two months at a time. This is followed by reports and features on society, wars, stories that have made the news and others that have been kept quiet, plus coverage of the state of the world today. Visa pour l'Image also presents retrospectives of major events and figures in history. The Visa pour l'Image award ceremonies are held during the evening programs.


- News stories of the year across the continents: war, crises, politics, unusual and remarkable events, sport, culture, science, the environment etc. 

Tribute to Charlie Hebdo

Review of war zones and communities living in them: Syria and Iraq, the Kurds, the Yazidi people, Eastern Christians, Yemen - Libya, ISIS/ISIL

Ukraine, one year later

The Armenian Genocide, 1915

Ebola in Africa

TASS News Agency - 110th anniversary

ELLE magazine - 70th anniversary

Climate change & the environment

Europe & Immigration

Police violence in the United States

Earthquake in Nepal

Stories in Algeria, China, Afghanistan, Greece, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Patagonia, the United Kingdom, Gaza, Haiti, Colombia, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Honduras, Nigeria, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Malta and Cuba.

- Video books:

The Black Islands: Spirit and War in Melanesia by Ben Bohane (Waka Photos)

Bronx Boys by Stephen Shames (University of Texas Press)

Tomorrow is a Long Time, Tijuana's Unchecked HIV/AIDS Epidemic by Malcolm Linton & Jon Cohen (Daylight Books)

Dans le ventre de Hara-Kiri by Arnaud Baumann & Xavier Lambours (Editions de La Martinière)

- Photo-Music Sequence: Edith Piaf & Billie Holiday

- Tributes to René Burri, Lucien Clergue, Charles Harbutt, Igor Kostin, Jean-Luc Manaud, Lars Tunbjörk and Michel vanden Eeckhoudt