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Call for Submission CANON Female Photojournalist Award 2014 supported by Elle Magazine

The venture of the award began in 2001 as an initiative by the French Association of Female Journalists (Association des Femmes Journalistes - AFJ) and specifically by three women, members of the AFJ, without whom none of this would have been possible: Isabelle Fougère, Brigitte Huard and Lizzie Sadin. We wish to thank all three of them for their involvement and commitment, helping the award achieve the international recognition and reputation developed over the thirteen years and thirteen awards, working together with Canon. This year the AFJ has stepped down from its role as organizer of the award (see AFJ Press Release). Canon and Images Evidence will continue to support this fine venture.

For the fourteenth year, Canon and Images Evidence will present the Canon Female Photojournalist Award. For the first time, the award is supported by Elle Magazine.

Canon is launching with Images Evidence, the fourteenth competition of the Canon Female Photojournalist Award supported by Elle Magazine.

This Award, supported for the first time by Elle Magazine, is handed out every year during the International Photojournalism Festival Visa pour l’Image - Perpignan (France). It is granted by Canon and supports with 8 000 euros a woman photographer with a photojournalistic project. It is opened to professional women photojournalists of any age and nationality.

The winner will be selected in June by a jury made up of photography and press professionals. Applicants will be judged both upon the presentation of their project and their previous work. Among the selection criteria are the quality of the photographs, as well as the journalistic thoughts and relevance of the chosen subject.

The Award will be handed to the winner in Perpignan on September 2014, during one of the showing nights of the Visa pour l’Image - Perpignan Festival. The winner will produce an ongoing one year project which will lead to an exhibition or showing at the Festival in the 2015 edition.

Deadline for application: May 26th, 2014.

2014 Rules and Application can be downloaded

For further information:

Images Evidence:
Canon France: Pascal Briard:

Previous winners:

2013 - Mary F. Calvert
2012 - Sarah Caron
2011 - Ilvy Njiokiktjien
2010 - Martina Bacigalupo
2009 - Justyna Mielnikiewicz
2008 - Brenda Ann Kenneally
2007 - Axelle de Russé
2006 - Véronique de Viguérie
2005 - Claudia Guadarrama
2004 - Kristen Ashburn
2003 - Ami Vitale
2002 - Sophia Evans
2001 - Magali Delporte