Screening Tuesday Sep 5, 2017

Full program
Campo Santo

Free entrance

« En bas la ville » - Gaël TURINE

Haiti – both poetry and chaos

L'ouragan Matthew – Haïti

As seen by a collective of young Haitian photographers

« La république de Port-au-Prince » Roger LEMOYNE / Redux Pictures

Scenes of beauty and destruction in Haiti before and after the 2010 earthquake

Arbitrage Romain CHAMPALAUNE / Réa pour Le Monde

Insights into the discreet world of private arbitration

Utopie futuriste - Songdo, Corée du Sud Stéphanie BURET

The perfect city of the future, already here in the present

Histoires croisées - John STANMEYER / National Geographic Creative

L’or vert - Matteo BASTIANELLI

Legal and illegal cannabis in Italy, where it has been approved for medical use since 2007

Les effets irréversibles du krokodil - Emanuele SATOLLI for Time

Report in Russia on the dramatic effects of the drug known as krokodil

Table Rock, Nebraska 1992-2016 Markus JOKELA / Helsingin Sanomat

Life in a village where nothing much happens

Culture américaine au Japon - Alexis CLERC

Japanese enthusiasts of American style adopted for their own life in Japan

Lagos : Grand débarras – Les riverains menacés - Jesco DENZEL / laif

Real estate interests and gentrification at the expense of local communities in the city with a population of more than 21 millions.

Retrospective Fidel CASTRO

Hommage Chuck Berry