Screening Monday Sep 4, 2017

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Campo Santo

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Moving towards Peace in Colombia - Nadège MAZARS

Life for members of the FARC guerrilla movement in the last stages of the peace accord

Snowland, Tourism in the Era of Climate Change - Marco ZORZANELLO

Soaring to heights where “snow” never melts

Romani people, traveling souls - Jean-Christophe PLAT

Exploring the scope and depth of the wandering soul of the Romani people

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit, Rennes-South Hospital - Marine RÉAN

The courage of both the children and the medical staff confronted with cancer

Iran Underground - Nicola ZOLIN

A part of Iranian society contrasting dramatically with the view presented by the government

Iran - Ebrahim NOROOZI / AP

An Iranian photographer’s view of his country

Inshallah - Roger GRASAS / Agence ZOOM

An original view of Saudi Arabia where petrodollars and tradition combine in a hyper-modern setting

Chabad Lubavitch - Benjamin PETIT / # Dysturb for Stern

An Orthodox, Jewish, Hasidic movement based in New York

Mushing Culture in Alaska - Katie ORLINSKY

Sled dogs and impressive scenery

Hakapik Seal Hunting - Yoanis MENGE / Collectif KAHEM

Seal hunting in Canada using a traditional hakapik

Greyhounds, Races and Chase - Rui DUARTE SILVA

Greyhound racing – running with the hares – as practiced in Portugal

The Ghosts of Siberia - Stanislav KRUPAR / laif

Shamanism in Siberia

Ganesh Festival - James WHITLOW DELANO / COSMOS

The Hindu festival in honor of the god Ganesha

Myanmar – Dividing Lines – 2008-2017 - Brennan O’CONNOR

Ethnic discrimination and conflict

Tribute to Krzysztof MILLER - 1962-2016 - Gazeta Wyborcza

A photojournalist renowned for his commitment, who died on September 9 last year

The Rio Paralympics

Rock Against Racism 1976-1980 - Syd SHELTON / Autograph APB

A movement against racism in the U.K., led by pop, rock, punk and reggae musicians