Panel Discussion: Protection for Photojournalists

Palais des Congrès

Accreditation required


Jean-Claude Rolland auditorium. In English only

The past five years have been the most dangerous on record for journalists. Critical numbers of journalists have been killed and imprisoned, with freelancers figuring prominently among them. A significant percentage of photojournalists and documentary photographers work on a freelance basis, lacking institutional support. As a result they must take responsibility for their own safety, welfare and professional development. The Committee to Protect Journalists, France Médias Monde and The Rory Peck Trust are convening a panel to discuss the threats freelance photojournalists face and the type of support available. The panel will address safety resources for freelancers, the gender and digital dimensions of safety in photojournalism, and how we are working to embed a culture of safety among all actors in the media sector.

Panelists :

Yannis Behrakis, photojournalist & Reuters senior editor Victor J. Blue, photojournalist Santiago Lyon, U.S. representative for the World Press Photo Foundation Mathieu Mabin, France Médias Monde Mary O’Shea, Head of Programmes at the Rory Peck Trust Courtney C. Radsch, advocacy director at the Committee to Protect Journalists

Moderator: Hugh Pinney,managing director of Getty Images