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10 / 09 / 2014  Delphine Lelu

Decades later...

Sometimes history takes a long time to be recorded, and in this case, we can go back fifty years.

During the Vietnam War, Doan Công Tinh, Chu Chi Thành, Hua Kiem and Mai Nam were working in the north; Don McCullin was covering the war in the South, with South Vietnamese and U.S. troops.  All five took pictures of victims from the other side, each one photographed history, the history of a cruel conflict.

On Friday the five men sat around a table together for the first time, far from the front in Vietnam:  in a restaurant in Perpignan. There were many moving, bittersweet moments in the course of the lunch, for example, when Hua Kiem took a book, and pointed to a photo showing the body of a North Vietnamese soldier.  He turned to Don McCullin and said:  "He was my friend."  The answer was simple:  "Give me his name so that I can finally put a proper caption to the photo."

Vincent Jolly