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From August 27 to September 11, 2016

Education week from September 12 to 16

Screenings from August 29 to September 3

Professional week from August 29 to September 4

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31 / 08 / 2016  Administrator

Marc Riboud - 24.06.1923-30.08.2016

Visa is once again in mourning, as we come to terms with the loss of one of the true giants of photojournalism.

In a career spanning six decades Marc Riboud visited all corners of the globe, capturing both seismic events and intimate moments. Whether reporting on both sides of the Vietnam War and the impact of the Cultural Revolution in China, or reflecting everyday life in many cultures, Marc had the happy knack of turning the ordinary into the iconic.

His work and the accolades it brought him speak for themselves. And his ‘Cuba’ exhibition at the Couvent des Minimes gives just a glimpse of an exceptional talent and an extraordinary archive.